Is Your Camera Your Enemy?

As I’ve said all along, I struggle with the whole picture-taking thing. In the past, I always forgot my camera. It didn’t matter if I laid it out next to my purse. It didn’t matter if it actually made it to the passenger seat of my car. It just didn’t matter. When I’d think to take a picture I’d forgotten the camera. Thankfully Aaron is much better about remembering it. So on occasion I would have it. I’d set out to take a picture and still I’d mess it up. When I pushed the button to take the picture I’d pull the camera down as if my motion woutld actually make the shutter close and open again. Outcome, a fuzzy, wacked-out photo. So my darling husband again tried to help me. He bought me a Sony 1080 Cybershot which has the Super SteadyShot feature that stabilizes the whole blur problem, even with that I sometimes still mess it up. But I keep trying. I’ve made a special pocket in my purse so that I can carry it with me everywhere I go. This eliminates problem #1. And I try to take the same picture twice, to eliminate problem #2. So this weekend Aaron and I set out to take two little monkeys to a little foo-foo girlie shop for a make-over. The make-up begins to go on, I pull out the camera to capture the moment, and (pause – long pause) the battery is dead. It hates me, I tell ya. It hates me. Aaron, of course, is not surprise by the whole ordeal. So I guess I’m going to have to make myself a bigger purse so that I can carry the battery charger with me too. Big sigh. My picture taking had to wait until we got home and the battery was charged enough to capture a few photos. Alas, two little monkeys….

2 monkeys


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  1. Jessica

    I love this! It looks like they had so much fun. And it looks like you took a very good picture. I would say this is definitly frame-worthy!

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