Doodles & Redos



Here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on. Much of nothing. I love to doodle embroidery. It takes so little thought and provides me complete relaxation. My plans for this piece? When I’m finished, which should be a long time from now, I’m thinking I’ll make it into a cover for a competition book and then give it to the sweet girl who happens to be my daughter’s mentor at church. It looks like something a teenage would like, don’t you think? While I was working on it last night I started to think about my house and all that needs to be done. I love my house. For me, it has the perfect layout, much love to its designer, and every where you look there’s honey oak trim. It’s very cozy I think. The problem with it is that it needs a redo. We knew this when we bought it… three years ago (gulp). I have painted and painted and painted until I’m just about tired of it. And still I have two bedrooms, a bath, and a dining room to go.. and that doesn’t count the outside stuff. The previous owner chose a beige-yellow color for EVERY room in the house and the builder had this thing for pink tile (it was built in the 80s when country blue and mauve were hot). Needless to say, it’s gotta go. So, I’ve gotta get busy. My first stop, the master bedroom. Here’s a look at it’s pathetic state, out-of-date border and cut mini-blinds. I’m ashamed to even show you. YUK! That’s about all I can say.

before master


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