Look at the Love Loot!


We racked up this year! Can you say chocolate, my favorite food group. Aaron was super spectacular and got me the biggest box of chocolates on the table and the chocolate covered pretzels and peanuts. I also received the beautiful flowers and a very sweet card (he called me “hot”!) Aaron received, not pictured here, a stuffed heart that says I love you Daddy, a Valentine’s frog snow globe, and a coffee cup. (Alyssa and I did our shopping together.) I’m hoping he’ll be helping us eat all this chocolate; like I’ve said, my butt is a little big for my liking at the moment. And, let’s see, Alyssa got the medium box from Daddy and the small box from her best friend-boy that lives down the road. She also informed me that she received a small peck on the cheek from a boy in her class. Evidently this was quite exciting. But this is the point in the story that I got a little confused. It seems that this little boy not only kissed Alyssa on the check but kissed another little girl “on the lips”. “Oh my,” I said. Her reply.. “It’s ok Mom. I don’t kiss on the lips so he has another girlfriend for that.” – What??? When it comes to love in the first grade I am totally out of the loop. I’m just happy that our girl still prefers Chapstick over little boys. Love is grand but let’s hold off on all the mush until she’s older… much older… maybe 30.


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