Hope for Warmer Weather

SPRING has officially infested my brain. Our days are getting just a little bit longer and the promise of warmer weather keeps hinting its way into our forecast. Doesn’t matter that this morning’s wind chill factor was 12 degrees. Our high for tomorrow is predicted for 50 degrees. WooHoo! 50 degrees in February. I love it! My daughter informed me that Groundhog day was February 2nd and it happened to be clouding that day. So, hey, Spring is gonna hit 6 weeks early, right? My first Spring project… this wreath. I particularly love the little ladybugs.


I overloaded the house and bird in Scotchgard™ Protector which is said to block stains and protect crafting and sewing projects and by repelling liquids. I’m hoping it will hold up at least one season. My door is semi-protected from the rain already because we have a covered porch. So, cross your fingers. I still have a couple of pillows in mind for our rocking chairs and maybe a small quilt for the swing. If they pan out I’ll let ya have look. Here’s to an early spring!


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