Headbands and a mean little girl

There are sooo many things up in my jumbled pee-sized brain that I want to make…

1. a cute little birdie mobile for my office
2. a colorful, spring, posy wreath for my front door
3. a new skirt for church
4. a plague..I mean plaque..to hang above my stove
5. a recipe book

If only I had more time. I did, some how, find time this weekend to make a couple headbands though.

headbands 2headbandsdesignheadbands

And my daughter requested one too. This makes me happy. I can’t tell you how many things (mostly skirts) I’ve made her. I let her pick out the material, describe the image in her mind, ask her throughout the process if it meets her approval… then, tah-dah, it’s done and… she won’t wear it! It’s irritating and so I’ve stopped making her anything. Serves her right, doesn’t it? But I miss making cute, lil’ girl things. So, when she said she wanted a headband I got a little excited. The images of what I would do started to flow in my mind. I guess she could see what I was thinking somehow, or maybe it was the little smile forming on my mouth, but she put an end to it fast. “No, I want one like this, pointing to the blue one. Beads, that’s it Mom.”



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One response to “Headbands and a mean little girl

  1. Those have been on my to-do list for some time. Yours look great!!

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