1 Girl, 1 Cake, and 7 Candles


My baby Goose turned 7 yesterday. 7. I can’t believe it. 7 years with such a sweet little baby. She’s such a good girl, the smile to most of my days. I had someone ask me if it was hard, her turning 7. You know, it’s funny, I hadn’t stopped to think about her getting older. I’d thought about her gift, and what we were going to do in order to celebrate. But the oh my goodness my baby’s becoming her own person kinda thing hadn’t entered my mind. She makes it easy for me though.


She still sleeps with the same yellow blanket that she’s slept with all her life. She’s barely bigger than the day we brought her home, so tiny, only weights 35 pounds and is barely in a size 5. She still thinks Mom is the best thing on earth and would honestly stick to me like glue 24/7 if I’d let her. Yes, I do see her independence at times, the times when her little 1st grade attitude gets her into trouble, the times we fuss over what earrings are appropriate for her age, and her clothes…(big sigh!) Isn’t it funny how little girls fuss over clothing? Goose picks out her outfit at night but then changes her mind at lease two twice every morning. It’s an ordeal. Tears have been shed. But I have to say, I’m not afraid of her getting older. I almost welcome it. She brings such happiness to my life but I also look forward to the things we’ll share later… Her own ideas. I want to see her find something she loves because SHE loves it and not because it was something I liked when I was little. You know what I mean.?. As parents we often introduce our kids to the things that we enjoyed at their age. For me, it’s gymnastics. My husband, it was T-ball. Who knows, Goose might love an electric guitar or even ballet. It’s hard to say what her loves might be, but I look forward to finding out. But until then, Happy birthday my little Goosie Girl. I love you.



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